Hottest penny stocks

Hottest penny stocks

Penny stocks are traded outside the main stock market exchanges and are priced below $5. Often, these stocks are priced in the range of a few cents and are highly speculative due to the low market capitalization, limited exposure to the public, lesser liquidity levels, and higher bidding spread. These stocks are traded mainly on OTC or pink sheets. Although, there are some low-priced stocks available on NASDAQ and NYSE also and they are relatively more secure than the OTC stocks. Penny stocks are highly manipulative and have risks associated with them. In the broader range, the volatile markets are liked by the day-traders who find the growth of their decided stocks within the least possible time. The companies having strong business management and fundamentals are considered to be the most eligible penny stocks to buy. If you are giving a chance to the company having huge debts or liabilities, that would certainly lead towards losses. It is required to find out the hottest penny stocks and decide your survival for the most viable stocks for gains.

Hottest Penny Stocks Now

A list complies for the hottest penny stocks at present and you can get a chance to have a glance at these stocks and get an idea about the most probable options to look for at present. These stocks are mainly present on the major stock exchanges and hence, the probability of losing your money is quite on the lower side. The trader’s own research is mandatory and we’re providing this list only to get an overview for the stocks in trend.

  1. Taronis Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: TRNX)

Taronis Technologies Inc. is an alternative energy producing company which uses liquid waste in the US and globally for generating the hydrogen-based fuel. The company has even created an alternative to acetylene named as MagneGas2, which is used for metal cutting technology. The company supplies MagneGas2 to various industrial applications. The present stock price of TRNX has touched the dollar one level. The maximum value of the stock was about $5 in the last 52-weeks. The company also works in selling and licensing the plasma arc technology with the purpose of processing the liquid wastage. The prospects of the company are brighter in terms of business.

  • ShiftPixy, Inc. (NASDAQ: PIXY)

ShiftPixy, Inc. provides employment services for business and workers for part-time or temporary positions in the US. The company was founded in 2015 and has been successfully working for majorly restaurant, maintenance and hospitality service industry. The company works as an HR resource consultant, admin working and payroll processor for many segments. The stocks are currently priced at $1.20 per share value and have crossed the level of $5 in the previous year. The stock has a probability to grow towards a better scope marking a great future for the company.

  • Renren Inc. (NYSE: RENN)

Renren Inc. works through social networking platform in China. The company works through website and a mobile application for communication and staying connected with people in different regions. It even sells second-hand automobiles and the related products to the interested people. The stocks are present in the range of $1.8 and it is lower in comparison to the 52-week stats with a minimum of $1.27 and maximum $10.39 value.

  • Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVAX)

Novavax, Inc. works in coordination with its subsidiary Novavax AB for developing, commercializing and discovery of the vaccinations for preventing chronic infectious diseases. The company’s products are under Phase I-III trials for various medications. The company stocks are on the lower prices of $0.55 at present and the season’s highest of $2.58 value is expected to knock again with the strong fundamentals and results expected by the research department for its running trials.

  • EP Energy Corporation (NYSE: EPE)

EP Energy Corporation is an independent exploring and production company having natural gas and onshore oil properties in the US. The company’s stocks are near $0.40 value and there has been a move in the business with the on-going development. The 52-week low and high value of the stocks is $0.21- $3.5 respectively. The company has its headquarters in Texas and was founded in 2013. Since then, there has been progressing in terms of business and the company’s major assets are located in the Texas region.